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Mountain City Aviation

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At Mountain City Aviation our mission is to open the skies to everyone. Whether you would like to fly for hobby or recreation, or if your aspirations are for commercial aviation, we are the people that get you flying as soon as economically possible.

Weather has a lot to play in taking to the skies. At Mountain City Aviation we take safety seriously and do not fly in forbidden weather; but we do fly in weather bordering the limits to best prepare our students for real-life flying in Canada's versatile climates. If we do get grounded, there is no need for students to stay home; there are ground-education items that need to be taught to prepare you for the final flight test. These sessions are called Preparatory Ground Instruction (PGI) which teach the theory and technique behind practical flying skills in a more cost-effective and better learning environment than the real cockpit. This equates to getting your ticket as soon as possible without needless cancellations or redundant flying expenses.


First Class Support

Quiet Location

Unique Opportunities



First Class Support
Our staff at Mountain City Aviation is committed to your success in that we stand behind you with encouragement and commitment to your goals. If you come to us indicating a desire to learn to fly, well, learn to fly you will and we won't rest until you have accomplished your goal!


A Quiet Location
We are located in Morden, Manitoba - roughly an hour and a half south of Winnipeg, and 20 minutes north of the US border. We are located within an hours flight of the beautiful Pembina Hills, the Wind Turbine Farm at St. Leon and the breath-taking Winnipeg Cityscape where you can catch a glimpse of airliners on approach to the International Airport! Morden was voted "Country Living at its Finest" in 2006, and even at the airport you can understand why! No control towers or busy traffic exist at our airport to impede progress in training, yet these airports are in easy reach when it comes time to learn control airport procedures.

We have a 4000' paved runway and a well-maintained 2300' grass field here at Morden Airport. As such, we don't need to 'simulate' realistic scenarios for short, soft and obstacle clearance flight operations which are part of flight training. Flying to the practice area is fast and efficient thanks to its 1200 square mile area covering the distance from Darlingford to Altona and from highway 3 to the 49th parallel.

Unique Opportunities
We are home to FLYDAY FRIDAYS where a variety of airplanes travel many miles to come and get in on the burgers, steaks and home-baked desserts offered by the Morden Flying Club. This is a great chance to speak with other pilots, and even with Canadian Air Force as they fly in once a month for the fellowship!

What flight training facility offers you free airplane rentals? To take advantage of this generous offer, refer anyone to us for the purpose of getting an airplane license or permit and receive one free hour rental in our C 172P airplane as our thanks to you for spreading the word about your great flight training experience here at Mountain City Aviation! (Rewards given by MCA once referred candidate completes their 5th hour of flight training at MCA )

At Mountain City Aviation we put priority on opening the skies to anyone that has a known or unknown desire to fly. For us it isn't about whether to train in our plane or yours. Neither does it matter whether you realize your wings in weeks or in months. Further, it matter's not whether you are 15 or 90 years young. If there is a resonation within you to dance above the Earth on silver wings, then Mountain City Aviation is your match! We are devoted to awakening the captive eagle inside each potential pilot within our reach.

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