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Aircraft/Hanger Rentals


Aircraft/Hanger Rentals

Aircraft Rentals

Prior to renting or taking an airplane as "pilot-in-command", it is an insurance requirement that the pilot undergo a checkout by a certified flight instructor. A checkout at another company, in a different airplane, including those of the same type, does not count for purposes of checkouts with Mountain City Aviation.

1981 C-172P

  •  This aircraft seats up to 4 people including the pilot

  •  Ideal for cross-country rental flights or evening flights with friends

  •  Gamin moving map GPS

  •  110 kts cruise


You must have acted as PIC of a Mountain City Aviation airplane within the proceeding 60 days prior to flying any of our airplanes. If this requirement has not been met, then you need a flight checkout on the airplane you are intending to rent with a MCA instructor.

Typically this checkout requires a minimum of one hour flight including upper airwork, circuit work and emergency procedures specific to Mountain City Aviation airplane.

Airplane Hangar Rental

Hangar Rentals at Morden Airport are available from time-to-time. Please contact Mountain City Aviation (204-822-9621) for more information.


  • Nightly Rates: $10.00

  • Monthly Rates:$125.00

Airplane Tie-Downs

Tie Downs are available at anytime for no extra cost.

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