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My aviation journey started at the age of 14. After seeing an advertisement, my father encouraged me to attend a ground school class at Mountain City Aviation in Morden.


By attending the class and taking a discovery flight it inspired me to follow a dream. I completed my Private Pilot License at Mountain City Aviation while still attending high school. I continued to train with Mountain City Aviation while in college, and eventually completed the rest of my licenses and ratings in 2012.


Mountain City Aviation played a key role in my progression as a student pilot. It laid a foundation that I have built my career on, first as a flight instructor then as a medevac and charter pilot. This has lead me to where I am today, working as a pilot at a regional airline flying to destinations throughout North America.


Aviation can lead you to the lifestyle of your dreams.

Be the captain and take command of your future!


Follow Rowtag Aviation to experience the life of an Airline Pilot!

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