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Booking Flights & Aircraft Rentals

Booking Flights

Book your flight by going to Pilot Resources, Student Flight Bookings, and then click on Registration. Check your email!

Your registration will need to be approved before you can book online. Once you register, please text Yassine at 204-823-0423 or email us, to "approve" your registration. If you are not familiar with on-line booking, call us by telephone to schedule a mutually convenient  time.

Rentals & Currency Flights

You may book the airplane to rent as outlined above.

Approved check rides with the Cessna & Citabria are valid for 12 months, however a currency check is required IF:

1. 60 days have lapsed between flights with the Cessna.

2. 30 days have lapsed between flights with the Citabria.

*Dual rates will be applied for check-rides & currency flights.

We always have dedicated passionate experienced instructors available to arrange a Discovery Flight or to answer any questions you may have about flight training or becoming a professional pilot at any time of the year. We operate all year round.

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