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Ground School Sessions



Traditionally we have run a Fall and Winter ground school at the Morden Airport allowing for an interactive classroom experience amongst fellow student pilots. Our 40 hour ground school course is a Transport Canada requirement in obtaining your pilot’s license. Not quite ready to start flying? This ground school session is a great place to get started to lock down aviation knowledge and classroom skills!


Our ground school sessions will take place Mondays and Wednesdays starting mid-September of 2022 from 7pm to 10pm.

The sessions will each be 3 hours (7pm to 10pm) with 10 minute breaks each hour.


The sessions will be hosted in-person by our instructors Jim Peters and Yassine Soualy in our upstairs classroom in the Mountain City hangar at the Morden Regional Airport.

We offering both CPL and PPL ground school hours. The CPL course will overlap almost exactly with the PPL and thus those interested in either CPL or PPL will attend the same sessions for the first 40 hours (those enrolled in the CPL course will have the occasional additional Tuesday session added to their schedule and will continue beyond the 40 hour requirement of PPL to the 80 hour requirement of CPL ending late Fall).

A detailed schedule will be posted closer to. 


The cost to enrol in the PPL course will be $450.00 plus tax.

The cost to enrol in the CPL course will be $750.00 plus tax. 

The recommended (however not required) ground school materials are as follows:

1. "From the Ground Up" textbook

2. Flight Training Manual 

3.  Aeronautical Information Manual (available online) (Following doesn't need to be up to date).

4. CFS



We have a few of the material items that you can buy from our school, but you can also find most of these items online! Please let us know if you would like to buy from us or need any assistance with finding these items online.


To register, please send an email to

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