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Frequently Asked Questions

How Do I Get Started?

The first step in deciding whether you want to become a Pilot is to Experience Flight for yourself. Once you have decided that you want to fly, simply call, email or visit Mountain City Aviation - the place where you can rise above it all!

How to Finance Flight Training?

Flight Training is delivered on a pay-as-you go basis which allows you to budget your expenses over time. There is no need to prepay or save up the total cost before starting. You should though, plan your finances so that you don't have to take breaks in your training as this will slow the learning process and ultimately cost you more. Funding for flight training may be available from your financial institution in the form of loans and/or lines of credit. Contact your institution for further information. 

Student Loans for Aviation:

Funding may be available for students, especially those enrolled in flight training on a full-time basis may be eligible for financial assistance through Manitoba Student Assistance Program. Students outside of Manitoba visit for student loans in your province.

If you have contacted student aid and your local bank and have no luck or simply require more loans to cover the cost of training! ( is a friendly and great alternative for small loans towards your flying.

Scholarships for Aviation:

Copa Scholarship Information
Neil Armstrong Scholarship
99s, West Canada Section Scholarship

How Long Will It Take Me To Obtain My Permit/License?

The length of time it takes to complete a permit/license is up to each individual. Most of us have other commitments, and this is why we create a time-frame tailored to your needs. We encourage you to fly at least once, preferably twice a week. Allowing you to save both time and money, as less time is spent reviewing previous lessons. We also offer Accelerated Programs enabling you to complete the program in the shortest amount of time. This is great for someone wanting to enter the Aviation Market for career purposes. Contact us for further information.


When Can I Fly?

For your convenience, Mountain City Aviation offers flight training 7 days a week. 


Do you offer on-line Ground School?

If are unable to attend our in-class Ground School, an on-line course is available here.

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