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International Students

International Students Interested in Achieving a Commercial Pilot License? 

Our flight school is located at CJ3A (CXMD) at the Morden Regional Airport, roughly half way between Winnipeg Manitoba and Grand Forks North Dakota. From Winnipeg its a one and a half hour drive South of Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada, or a 30 minute drive from Walhalla North Dakota USA.

It is an area of beautiful farm country with panoramic views of incredible beauty in all directions.

We welcome students from the USA and other Countries who may also be eligible for work permits following their graduation. 

We have three large flight training areas extending along the United States border. The nearest US airports are Langon and Walhalla North Dakota.

The training we offer is personalized and very productive.  – which means we will work on a one-to-one basis with you, at your own pace to ensure that you get training and flight test completed in the shortest possible time.

We are the only flight school between Winnipeg and Grand Forks serving a very large area of Southern Manitoba and North Dakota. It is uncontrolled airspace and have one of highest number of flying days per year. We train pilots 365 days a year including in Winter which is often a time when you can get your licence or training completed in the shortest possible time at the least cost. 

Speaking of cost, our rates are around 30% less than those charged generally in the USA and you save a fortune by having your flying completed as rapidly as possible. If you need to get your licence completed in a short period of time, this is the place to do it.

We are one of two schools in Canada that will allow students to train for their licence in a Tail Wheel Citabria and, do their licence check ride in a Citabria. If you wish to build up tail-wheel time to become a Crop Spraying Pilot ie "an Aerial Applicator"  then again, this is the place that can help you. We have a Crop Spraying Operation in the same building Pembina Air Service and employment is frequently offered to those students who demonstrate appropriate attitudes and ability. 

Students should consider every day of flight training as yet another day in a long job interview.

You can choose personalized ground school on a one on one basis in conjuction with internet based ground school which allows you to complete your theory exams in the shortest time and, generally eliminates the need to have a concrete starting date.

This Ground School Course is offered online. Once we have received the first payment we will send you a login and password so that you may begin your course right away! This will help shorten your stay here.


From Canada Call : 204-822-9621 |  From the USA call : 701-256-3888 |

Toll Free 877-822-9621 |  Mobile: 204-823-0423


Costs are indicated in our Flight Training Programs.

Initially, you are required to send a non-refundable $3000 deposit that will later go towards ground school tuition, reserving you a spot for accommodation. Once we have received your deposit we will set you up for online ground school and email you your password and username. The Flight Training Program Fee has been broken down into 4 instalments for you and are listed below -

Payment Plan

Funds can either be wired to our account, cash, western union or certified cheques. We are in the process of setting up a Pay-Pal account. For a wire transfer number please contact us.

Upon arrival the first instalment of $10,000 is due.
Start of 2nd Month: $10,000
Start of 4th Month: $10,000
Start of 6th Month: Remaining Funds

Additional Costs

You will need to budget $400 CAD monthly for accommodations monthly and approximately $350 for food monthly. You will be responsible for any personal things you may need.

Local transportation will be your responsibility, however, we can provide you with transportation to and from the airport for a small fee of $250 per month which would include a pick up at Winnipeg International Airport and drop upon completion of courses.

Also any additional ratings will be an additional cost.

Things you need to do before you come

Upon contacting us and a submitting the application form, we will make our decision. An approval letter will then be sent to you via email or by mail delivery. You will then need to fill out a Study Permit Application found here: 

Study Permit Application Forms

After filling out the application you will need to send it in along with your passport, (which needs a 6 month validity in the least), the acceptance letter from us and a proof of funds to support the program of studies. $125 CAD is the service charge to process the application. If your country requires you to have a Resident Visa they will inform you and process it at the same time.

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