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Morden Airport Facilities


Student Access

Your flight training at Mountain City Aviation will give you access to the Morden Airport facilities.They have a 4,000 foot paved runway and also a well-maintained 2,300 foot grass field.


Grass Strip
As a student pilot, your flight training will include dealing with both soft field and short field take-offs and landings. At the Morden Airport, you will have real flight experience with both. Instead of having to ‘simulate’ a short field or soft field landing or take-off, you can use the Grass Strip Runway to actually experience this type of flight training.

Practice Area
As a student pilot, you will be taught many flight manoeuvres. You will then be given the opportunity to practice them over and over. There is a ‘Practive Area’, clear of built-up or populated areas, where you can practice your flight manoeuvres in a large open area of sky. The Mountain City Aviation Practice Area is close by, enabling students to spend more time perfecting their piloting skills. The Practice Area encompasses a 1,200 square mile area covering the distance from Darlingford to Altona and from Highway 3 to the 49th parallel.

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